How to save on oil prices

Oil prices have dropped to the lowest level since September when Brent crude fell to $US27.45 per barrel on Wednesday.The fall is the latest sign of a global slowdown in the global economy and could weigh on prices in the coming weeks.The oil price is also falling to a six-year low, when prices averaged $US26.50 […]

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Oil prices are down, but not by as much as you might think

Oil prices for August have plunged by almost half, and now sit just above $50 per barrel, but you’re probably not surprised.The main reason for that decline is a sharp drop in global oil demand.And while global oil production is now down, the world is still importing oil at a rate of about 2.7 million […]

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Peppermint essential oils in stocks, prices up for oil tanker

Oil tanker prices are up across the board, with many companies posting gains.The U.S. crude oil futures for August are up more than 25% from a week ago and up about $1.50 a barrel.Prices for the key Brent crude oil contract rose to a five-month high of $48.90 a barrel on Thursday.That’s up more from […]

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How to save money on food in the UK and other EU countries

In many countries, people are buying cheaper fish oil to save on food costs.But in the United Kingdom and other European Union countries, a major food-supply chain is now using toasted sesssins, a cheaper alternative to toasted coconut oil, as an alternative to coconut oil.The new toasted oil is being sold in the US, UK […]

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Which oil heater is best for my home?

Oil heaters are used in many homes, from tiny home apartments to larger residential buildings.They provide heat for a large number of things, including air conditioning, cooling the home’s exterior, and even heating water and running hot water.Some are more efficient than others, however.Here’s a look at the best oil heater models and what they […]

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