What we know about the oil cloths controversy

Oil cloths, used in making oil masks, are commonly used in cosmetics to prevent sunburn and improve the appearance of skin.

But what are they made of?

The Times of New York has reported that the oilcloth is made from a mixture of cellulose, lignin and plant material, such as wood pulp and fibres.

It is made up of different types of cellulosic fibers, like cellulose-based cellulose acetate, larch, and bamboo cellulose.

The paper reports that the cotton-based cloths are made with different ingredients, such to create a stronger film that can hold oil.

But the company that makes the oil-cloths has not released any research papers to substantiate the claims.

The company that manufactures the oil fabric said that it is not responsible for the safety or quality of the products, and that the products are not tested for safety and quality.

The Times report states that the company has been contacted by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The agency has also said that the materials used to make the oil creams are not subject to the stringent testing required for cosmetics. 

The company that owns the oil products, JWT Oil Co, said in a statement that it was not aware of any research studies about its products and has no information on the safety and health claims of the oil product.

“We will continue to work with regulators in the US and abroad to improve our products and products to meet the changing needs of consumers,” the company said.


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