How to get your 3-cycle oil back, again

An Oklahoma woman is hoping that her 3-cyclic oil will be back on the road by March, after she said she was unable to get it from the manufacturer.

Theresa Leitch has a three-cycle vehicle, and her oil was stored in the glove box.

She said she didn’t know she could get it back until the manufacturer came to the dealership with a letter explaining the warranty requirements.

Leitch said she sent a letter to the company to ask about the warranty, and was told she could only get the oil back if the dealer repaired her vehicle.

The company said it would fix the issue, but Leitch couldn’t get the replacement parts.

Leitches car was totaled and she said that the oil was gone from the battery.

Leives car was towed, but she said the company didn’t pay for the tow.

Leices family said they are paying a premium for oil to the tune of $200 for a tank that she said could hold 6,000 gallons.

They said they were expecting the oil to be back by March.

The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Commission is investigating the oil spill and said it will charge the company $100 for each truck that it tests.

Leits car, which is owned by the Leites family, was towed and was towed back to the family’s home, but the company couldn’t pay.

The Leites said the oil is leaking from the glovebox and they were not able to get a refund.

The family said the dealership is being sued for not properly storing the oil.

The insurance company that will cover the loss of the vehicle, however, is not taking a position.

The dealership has told Leites that they must replace the glove boxes, and she is now suing the company.

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Robert O’Donnell said in a statement that the insurance company is investigating.

“The Commission has no intention of charging any insurance company any amount for the oil lost,” O’Dea said.

“We will continue to work with the Leishts to make this right.”

O’Reilly said that if the Leisons car had not been towed, the dealership could have been held responsible for the loss.

O’dea said the insurance commission will be making a determination in a few weeks, but that insurance companies are not allowed to settle these kinds of claims until the investigation is complete.

Leish said the family is planning to take the case to court.

She also wants the oil tested.

“This is not the first time my oil has leaked out of the gloveboxes,” Leis says in the video.

“I have had a similar situation with my car before.

I have had this oil leaking out of my glovebox, and I have never gotten it out of there, and the owner of the company that has the oil said, ‘Well, you know, it’s a different kind of oil,'” Leis told ABC News.


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