When synthetic oil is used as a substitute for regular oil, it is not a ‘chemical weapon’

Synthetic oil has been used as an alternative to regular oil in a number of countries, and it is often referred to as a “chemical weapon”.

News.co.nz: The synthetic oil we are using to make soap is just like regular oil – we use it as a base for making soap.

Synthetic is just the first word of the word, according to an article published in the Australian.

But the use of synthetic oil in the production of a range of products has raised concern about the potential of the material.

News.net.au: The problem is the synthetic oil and it does have the potential to be toxic, says Dr. Matthew Daley from the University of Sydney.

News: Dr Daley says that in a recent study on a sample of oil produced from an industrial process using synthetic oils, about 80 per cent of the oil was inorganic and 10 per cent organic.

The researchers said the results suggested that the oil in question was “possibly carcinogenic”.

In the case of synthetic oils produced from the use on the production line of a solvent such as methanol, or the use in the manufacture of solvents for the extraction of synthetic materials, about 50 per cent were inorganic, while the rest were organic.

And a significant amount of synthetic was also inorganic.

The problem with the synthetic is that it is synthetic, Dr Dale said.

“It is not the same as petroleum, and is not what we would normally use to make petroleum products.”

He said it was the same with a number other synthetic oils.

“They are synthetic because they are made from a substance that is not normally found in nature.”

Dr Daly said the use or production of synthetic products on the industrial production line was a concern, and that it could cause a health risk to humans.

The study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, also suggested that synthetic oils may not be safe for humans, although the authors said they could not rule out a possibility that there was no human health risk associated with their use.

Synthetics have been a hot topic of debate for many years.

In 2009, the US Department of Agriculture declared that the use and manufacture of synthetic chemicals and their derivatives posed a health and safety risk to the environment.

Synthesis of a substance can lead to the production or use of a new compound or product.

It is also a method for creating a new chemical or a product.

There are over 40 chemicals used in the industrial process of making synthetic products.

But there is no government regulation governing the use, or manufacture, of these chemicals in the manufacturing process of a product, and this has led to concern about their safety.

News Australia: In 2007, a study in the journal Environmental Health concluded that there is insufficient evidence to determine the potential for synthetic chemicals to cause any health or environmental risk.

News of this study led to the Australian government regulating the use at a level that would allow the import of chemicals to Australia from other countries.

However, that regulation was not put in place until this year.

In 2014, the Australian Government amended the Environmental Protection Act to allow the use by the public of chemicals that are in the environment and are harmful to human health.

But this has only been effective in the case where the substance is found in a body of water that has been contaminated with it.

News and Media Victoria: The use of chemicals in an industrial environment has increased dramatically in the last decade.

The number of chemicals manufactured in Australia has increased from around 40,000 in 2006 to nearly 100,000.

And while this is only a small fraction of all chemicals that end up in the country’s environment, the use is increasing and the public is not always aware of it.

The Department of Environment and Energy (DEE) said that there has been a large increase in the use since 2006, and the number of chemical products manufactured by DEE has increased by 10 per of the total number of products in the past 12 years.

However the use has increased in an alarming fashion.

A new study, which was published in Science in 2016, found that the proportion of chemicals used at an industrial site that are harmful for humans has increased, and there has also been a substantial increase in deaths associated with chemicals.

In 2015, there were 546 deaths associated to chemicals in Australia.

News Victoria: In 2017, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) published a report detailing the number and the type of chemicals which are used at its sites.

News reports found that in the first half of this year, there was a 25 per cent increase in chemicals that were listed as potentially harmful for human health, with a total of 1234 chemicals.

There were more than a dozen chemicals in total that were deemed to be potentially harmful to humans, according the report.

The report also said that over the same period, there had been a 28 per cent decrease in chemicals which were classified as ‘unnecessary’ for use.

It also noted


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