Why do you need to use ‘oil for fuel’ for car engines?

If you’re looking to save money on petrol, oil and diesel you may be tempted to buy petrol or diesel, but this article will tell you why.

It’s not just about saving money either, it’s about saving energy too.

It makes sense, as the energy in the petrol or petrol-powered engine will be used to produce electricity.

If we burn oil, we need to be burning it in order to generate electricity.

This can be done either by burning fuel in the car or by using fuel from an alternative source.

For instance, if we were to convert petrol to diesel, we would use the extra energy in converting the fuel to electricity.

But it also helps to burn fuel to produce electrical energy, so it makes sense to burn some fuel in order for it to produce the energy that the engine needs.

In this article we’re going to look at how to burn petrol or other petrol or lard for the fuel in your engine.

Why would you need oil for fuel?

The simple answer is to increase fuel efficiency.

For example, if you have a motor that can run for thousands of kilometres on one fuel, then you need more fuel to run that motor.

So, if your car has a capacity of about 100 litres, then it is very unlikely that you would be able to run the engine on just 100 litres of petrol.

You would have to burn a lot of petrol to get that extra fuel, and that’s the reason why you would want to burn the extra fuel in an attempt to improve the engine’s efficiency.

Why not just use regular petrol?

If you are a petrolhead and you buy a petrol or a lard from the petrol station, it will not be the same petrol that you use for your motor.

For petrol, it may be cheaper to use a mix of petrol and lard, but that’s not the same as using regular petrol.

The difference is that lard has a lower molecular weight than petrol, and so it is much easier to use.

The chemical makeup of lard is not very similar to that of petrol, but you should be able find it on supermarket shelves if you want to buy it.

So if you buy petrol at the petrol pump, you’ll be getting a mix that is similar to what you’d get at the supermarket, but it will be a much lighter mixture than petrol.

This is why petrol is better than lard when it comes to reducing the cost of your car’s fuel.

So why don’t we just burn petrol and diesel together?

If petrol and petrol-based petrol are being used in the same engine, then we can reduce the cost by burning the petrol.

If you use a diesel engine, you can burn petrol, because diesel is cheaper.

But if you use petrol and use diesel together, you are likely to get a mixture that is lighter than petrol because the fuel that’s being used is lighter.

This will make the mixture lighter in weight than the petrol and the diesel fuel, but the heavier the mixture, the more fuel you will burn to generate the required energy.

So this is the key to why you should use petrol in the engine, rather than using diesel in the vehicle.

The simple fact is that the energy you burn in the fuel-powered engines of cars and buses, is much more efficient than the energy used by petrol and oil in the vehicles themselves.

Why don’t you burn petrol?

Well, you could burn petrol to increase the fuel efficiency of the engine.

This would be great for someone who wants to use their car to run around the country, but then they realise that petrol can’t run them around the world.

The reason is that petrol is heavy.

The fuel in petrol is lighter, but heavier than the fuel used in your motor, so you will need to burn more petrol to make it lighter.

If the fuel is lighter and cheaper, then why not use it?

The answer is that there are two main reasons why you don’t burn petrol: 1.

You don’t want to waste fuel.

The energy in petrol or oil is used to drive the engine and it has a finite lifespan, so the energy needed to keep the engine running is very low.

If your fuel is used up, then the engine won’t be able be run for a long time, and the car won’t last very long.

The other reason is because petrol and other petrol- and oil-based fuel is more expensive than diesel.

It is the price of petrol that makes petrol so expensive, so that’s why you won’t want the fuel you’re burning to fuel your car.


You can’t burn gasoline.

If a fuel can’t be burned, the amount of energy that’s needed to convert it into electricity is too low.

The more you burn the fuel, the higher the energy required to convert the fuel into electricity.

So burning petrol or burning lard or even burning petrol-derived


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