How to revive essential oil, other essential oils

By Emily HalseyABC News – SAN ANTONIO – AUSTIN, Texas — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall of a popular oil, the only one that can be used to revive the life-giving essential oils that many of us use to ease headaches and other ailments.

The agency has ordered an immediate halt to sales of the product, called Reviva.

It’s not yet clear what the issue is with the oil, but a source with knowledge of the situation told ABC News the agency has no evidence that Reviva is unsafe to use.

The FDA has not yet released a recall notice for the Reviva oil.

The agency said in a statement that it will not be making a decision on the product until it has examined the evidence and determined whether there are any other risks.

The oil is not the only essential oil to be recalled.

The FDA said it has ordered a recall for two other essential oil products, which can be bought at drugstores and online.

It is not yet known whether Reviva and the two other products are linked to the Revivas.

The two essential oils are named after the Latin word for life, and they have been used for thousands of years to treat headaches, dry coughs, and other respiratory ailments.

They can also be used as a pain reliever.

A company called The Reviva Foundation says it has no relationship with the company or the Revives.

It said it will appeal the FDA’s recall order.

The Revivas are made by Reviva, a private company based in Texas.

Reviva said in its statement that the company is committed to “ensuring that our products are safe and effective and that we take the issue seriously.”

“We are confident that our product is safe and that it is a safe and appropriate substitute for our product,” the statement said.

The company said it is not aware of any serious safety concerns.


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