Which Indian state is best to get married?

The Times Of India on Tuesday ranked the best places to get a marriage license in India for the first time, and the ranking comes just days after a Supreme Court verdict in favour of marriage licenses being issued for gay couples.

A majority of the states have passed marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples, while the remaining ones have not.

However, many states have been slow to change laws that are not in the public interest.

Some states, like Maharashtra and Karnataka, are moving towards legalizing gay sex.

But others, like Tamil Nadu, have been moving away from a ban on gay sex and into more liberal stances.

Here are five reasons why you should get married in your state:1.

Marriage is about more than sex2.

It is a social event3.

It protects couples’ families4.

It gives the government a way to regulate marriages5.

The state also allows for divorce6.

It can be a stepping stone to marriage7.

It’s an economic driver8.

It keeps families united9.

It creates more jobs10.

It brings more prestige to the state.

The Times of Indian reported that the state of Maharashtra, which has about 2.5 crore people, has a marriage rate of 62.8 per cent.

It has a median marriage age of 40 years.

The state of Karnataka is the top-ranked state in the country for marriage licenses, with a marriage-age of 38.4 years, followed by Tamil Nadu at 37.4 and Rajasthan at 36.8.

The second-most popular state, Uttar Pradesh, has the lowest marriage rate at 31.3 per cent, according to the Times of Asia.

The number of marriages is rising in many parts of India, and there are now nearly 50 million marriages, the Times said.

India is the world’s second-largest producer of marriage-related products, with more than 7,000 marriages registered every day.


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