The latest in peanut oil news

5w20 Oil Lamp, a portable oil lamp, made by Philips, has become available in the UK.

It uses Philips’ new 5W20 chip for a new, lighter-weight, more efficient energy source.

The lamp is the first portable oil lamps to make use of Philips’ PowerShift technology, which has also been used in the recently released Smart Power Lanterns from Philips and LG.

The lamps also use Philips’ Smart Lighting Technology to allow for a “cleaner” and more efficient lighting experience.

Philips has not yet made the 5W40 chip available to the general public, but it will soon.

The 5W10 chip is already available in many smart home devices, including Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Nest Cam.

The Smart Lighting technology will be used to reduce ambient light pollution and light up devices more effectively, reducing the amount of energy needed by a home or building’s entire system.

In addition to reducing the energy required by your lights, the 5w10 chip can also reduce the need for inefficient air conditioning and heating systems, as well as reduce the number of batteries needed to power your lights.

Philips also plans to sell the lamp at a price that is cheaper than that of the Smart Lighting chips.

There is a new Philips Smart Power Lamp, the Smart Power LED, which is a more powerful version of the 5wl10 chip, which Philips is also launching in 2018.

Philips’ 5wl30 and 5wl40 chips are now available for $30 on the Philips website.

Philips will be launching a new smart home lamp in 2019.


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