When the stock market crashes, will oil prices rebound?

When the oil market crashes: A lot.The global market for crude oil crashed from $US75 per barrel to below $US50 per barrel after OPEC cut production to hold prices steady.But after the Saudis and the Iraqi government cut back production in an effort to keep prices stable, prices plunged to a five-year low of $US34 […]

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Murphy’s Oil soap is a $1 million oil product

Updated September 14, 2018 10:52:25 Murphy’s oil is a super-high-end product, which makes it worth the extra $1,000.Murphy’s soap has a base made of high-quality natural ingredients, and it contains a small amount of alcohol to give it that unique flavor.However, Murphy’s is a product made from the molasses of oil, which is a very […]

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When Will The Oil Prices Return?

Oil prices are at an all-time low, but a new study from the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIEE) says they are not sustainable.It comes as the world’s economy continues to struggle with the effects of the climate crisis, and a new report from the International Monetary Fund says global economic growth will slow to […]

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Fracking oil, frackers in hot water

After months of pressure from environmentalists, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will phase out its use of some of the world’s most toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.The announcement marks the end of a decades-long effort to use natural gas to frack the Bakken formation in North Dakota, and marks the culmination of […]

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How to extract ‘oil pastel’ from sebum without using an oil substitute

Oil pastels are usually made from oil, but it’s been suggested that they can be made from anything.But, according to the Food and Drug Administration, there is nothing in the oil to stop them from being used to extract essences from sebaceous glands.The new discovery, which has been published in Nature, shows that this can […]

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