A new class action against camphor oil and camphor products

Oil companies are being accused of illegally charging royalties on camphor and other products for the purpose of “exposing and harming the health and well-being of consumers”.A class action filed in the Supreme Court of India, on behalf of around 1,200 people, alleges that the companies have been charging people for the products for years, […]

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Oil stocks hit a ‘peak’ in 2018 as US finds oil ‘soothing’

Oil markets are on the rise as US companies look for ways to tap the booming domestic oil market, but the oil giant PetroChina is stepping up its game as the industry’s benchmark in Asia.The global oil benchmark PetroChina’s shares have jumped about 5% this year to a record $2.8 billion, but analysts say the […]

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Fracking oil, frackers in hot water

After months of pressure from environmentalists, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will phase out its use of some of the world’s most toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.The announcement marks the end of a decades-long effort to use natural gas to frack the Bakken formation in North Dakota, and marks the culmination of […]

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