How to make a minty peppermint Oil from the Peanut Oil

Aussie-born chemist, James Campbell, had been making oil for a while before he met and fell in love with the nut, which he had grown up eating.James Campbell (left) with his wife, Sally (right), and son James in 2008.Photo: James Campbell Campbell source Google Blog (Australia): James Campbell began making a batch of nut oil […]

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Man discovers how to turn hemp oil into beard oil

MANCHESTER, England — Man has found how to use hemp oil to make beard oil that is less greasy and more moisturizing.A university research team has discovered the chemical composition of the new chemical, which is an improvement over the chemical that comes from the hemp plant.The chemical is called lucas and is also known […]

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Why do you need to use ‘oil for fuel’ for car engines?

If you’re looking to save money on petrol, oil and diesel you may be tempted to buy petrol or diesel, but this article will tell you why.It’s not just about saving money either, it’s about saving energy too.It makes sense, as the energy in the petrol or petrol-powered engine will be used to produce electricity.If […]

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How to save money on food in the UK and other EU countries

In many countries, people are buying cheaper fish oil to save on food costs.But in the United Kingdom and other European Union countries, a major food-supply chain is now using toasted sesssins, a cheaper alternative to toasted coconut oil, as an alternative to coconut oil.The new toasted oil is being sold in the US, UK […]

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