‘I don’t think this is a crisis’: Norway says no to drilling in Arctic for oil

Oil companies have halted drilling in the Arctic for the second time this year after Norwegian oil company Statoil said its exploration plans for the Arctic Ocean were not viable.The company said it would stop drilling by June 2018 in an effort to preserve its rights and interests in the region.Statoil, Norway’s largest oil company, […]

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Why do you need to use ‘oil for fuel’ for car engines?

If you’re looking to save money on petrol, oil and diesel you may be tempted to buy petrol or diesel, but this article will tell you why.It’s not just about saving money either, it’s about saving energy too.It makes sense, as the energy in the petrol or petrol-powered engine will be used to produce electricity.If […]

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How to find out if the price of oil is too high and how to get the cheapest oil

Cod liver oil is an oil popular with people around the world.You can get cod liver in a bottle for a very good price.If you are buying a bottle of cod liver, you should buy it in the bulk, since it has a low shelf life.The cheapest cod liver is about 10 cents per bottle.There […]

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When the stock market crashes, will oil prices rebound?

When the oil market crashes: A lot.The global market for crude oil crashed from $US75 per barrel to below $US50 per barrel after OPEC cut production to hold prices steady.But after the Saudis and the Iraqi government cut back production in an effort to keep prices stable, prices plunged to a five-year low of $US34 […]

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