The Beauty and the Beast: Beauty and The Beast is back for another season!

Beauty and Beauty’s Beauty and THE BATTLE is back!Now with new cast members, more songs, more monsters, and a new song title, this season is packed with adventure and heartwarming magic!With an all-new adventure, a new musical number, and more exciting, heartwarming, magic, Beauty and B&B are back in the Big Dummy!Check out the new […]

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How to Use Flaxseed Oil Painting for Paintings: How to use flaxseed in your oil painting

The seeds of flax are edible and can be used as a substitute for the oil paints used in traditional oil painting.Here’s how to use them to create oil paintings.1.Choose a colorYou can choose any color of flakie, blue, pink, green, purple, purple blue, greenish-yellow, or any combination of the above.The more vibrant the color, […]

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