Man discovers how to turn hemp oil into beard oil

MANCHESTER, England — Man has found how to use hemp oil to make beard oil that is less greasy and more moisturizing.A university research team has discovered the chemical composition of the new chemical, which is an improvement over the chemical that comes from the hemp plant.The chemical is called lucas and is also known […]

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Murphy’s Oil Shave Products: “They Don’t Exist”

When Murphy’s oil is sold in the United States, the products are labeled as “oil soap” and “scented products.”This isn’t the case with the fragrance and shave products Murphy’s sells to American consumers in Canada.In fact, Murphy’s Canada does not sell scent-based products to the American public.In an interview with The Globe and Mail, the […]

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When the stock market crashes, will oil prices rebound?

When the oil market crashes: A lot.The global market for crude oil crashed from $US75 per barrel to below $US50 per barrel after OPEC cut production to hold prices steady.But after the Saudis and the Iraqi government cut back production in an effort to keep prices stable, prices plunged to a five-year low of $US34 […]

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