The best bargains on oil tanker prices

Oil companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find cheaper alternatives to crude oil in the market.With oil prices in the double digits, some are looking to invest in cheaper alternatives such as solar panels or wind turbines.But this is just a fraction of the $10 trillion market for oil and gas.“We’re really just scratching […]

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Why Oil Painting Is the Best Painting for Warmth

It’s been said before, but the best oil paintings are created with warm, natural light.A study by a team of scientists from the University of Alberta found that painting a warm image with oil paint was far more effective at conveying warmth than painting a neutral image.Researchers at the university’s Department of Human Development studied […]

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How to Use Flaxseed Oil Painting for Paintings: How to use flaxseed in your oil painting

The seeds of flax are edible and can be used as a substitute for the oil paints used in traditional oil painting.Here’s how to use them to create oil paintings.1.Choose a colorYou can choose any color of flakie, blue, pink, green, purple, purple blue, greenish-yellow, or any combination of the above.The more vibrant the color, […]

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How to make a oil painting

By Nicholas M. WillsPublished June 15, 2017 06:24:59I’m not the only one who’s been thinking about the importance of oils.Last year, I was a part of the oil painting industry for a little over a decade, as a senior art director for a gallery in New York.I was responsible for coordinating and producing oil paintings […]

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How the cannabis oil industry is changing and how you can profit from it

The cannabis oil boom is finally here, and it’s starting to get a little scary.It’s starting in a big way, with a boom in the hemp oil industry.It is also happening at the same time as another major oil boom, the cannabis industry is booming in China.As the marijuana industry grows and the Chinese economy […]

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