Oil price chart: How the oil cartel keeps oil cheap

OPEC’s oil cartel is on the brink of collapse, with some members cutting production or leaving the cartel altogether.The cartel is a cartel in name only.The oil cartel itself is a huge business, with oil being a major driver of global economic activity.Its members, which include Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and Canada, make up […]

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How the cannabis oil industry is changing and how you can profit from it

The cannabis oil boom is finally here, and it’s starting to get a little scary.It’s starting in a big way, with a boom in the hemp oil industry.It is also happening at the same time as another major oil boom, the cannabis industry is booming in China.As the marijuana industry grows and the Chinese economy […]

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When coconut oil can replace a pressure sensor

The Squalane Oil Pressure Sensor uses the coconut oil to regulate the pressure inside a container.The Squalanane Oil Sensor is the first commercial pressure sensor to feature a lithium ion battery.It is one of two devices that use a pressure sensing technology developed by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics.The other is the Roxy Oil Pressure Sensing […]

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