How to use tung and mineral oil for your skin care

If you’re worried about your skin becoming oily, mineral oil and tung oils can help keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated.The two oils contain fatty acids that can help prevent your skin from becoming oily and dull.You can also use turgid or oily skin to moisturise your skin by applying it to […]

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Oil companies in Morocco may be the first oil exporters to sue the government

Oil companies, including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron and others, have sued Morocco over the country’s recent oil price hike, accusing the government of failing to prevent the crisis.The firms argue that the oil price increase was not a legitimate economic measure and that it has pushed up the countrys oil price by up to 15 […]

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When Will The Oil Prices Return?

Oil prices are at an all-time low, but a new study from the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIEE) says they are not sustainable.It comes as the world’s economy continues to struggle with the effects of the climate crisis, and a new report from the International Monetary Fund says global economic growth will slow to […]

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