Murphy’s Oil Shave Products: “They Don’t Exist”

When Murphy’s oil is sold in the United States, the products are labeled as “oil soap” and “scented products.”This isn’t the case with the fragrance and shave products Murphy’s sells to American consumers in Canada.In fact, Murphy’s Canada does not sell scent-based products to the American public.In an interview with The Globe and Mail, the […]

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A new product that makes it easy to keep your lawn mower clean

A new type of product that’s easier than ever to keep a lawn mowing machine running, has been launched by a startup.The product, called LawnMowerClean, has a dual purpose: cleaning your lawn and maintaining your lawns productivity.It can also be used to remove soil, algae, and debris, and is water-efficient.The product comes in a few […]

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How to cut your skin cancer risk: Learn how to use orogano and other ingredients to help reduce your risk

I am going to tell you how to cut down on the cancer risk by using essential oils, and this is the stuff that will cut you down.In fact, there is a whole new science behind the use of essential oils in the treatment of skin cancer.Here is a little something you don’t see everyday.The […]

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5 Essential oils to treat chronic pain

Fox News’ health and science correspondent Jonathan Allen reports that people with chronic pain are at higher risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and arthritis.But he adds that these health problems also affect people with other conditions, and it’s important to consider the risks of a certain drug before using it.Allen discusses:How to prevent heart […]

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How to use pumpkins and pumpkin seeds to protect your eyes

By now, you probably know that the most dangerous time to use cosmetics and other household products is in the summer.It’s not just because you’ll get frostbite or burn your skin.There’s also the risk that they’ll irritate your eyes and even damage them.The same applies to lip balm and other oil-based products.To prevent these potentially […]

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